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Finally available!

Thanks to technological development at NanoSync nanotechnology can finally work for you. Do not hesitate to upgrade your products or develop new ones. Surprise your customers. Conform to latest standards and regulations. Innovate with us!

  • Quality & Performance

    Application of NanoSync products helps cable producers and molded plastic processors to:
    -Upgrade the overall performance of their standard compounds and recycled plastics including flame retardancy and thermal stability
    -Improve the aesthetic aspect of polymer surface whilst maintaining superior flame retardancy
    -Improve plastic material processability and increase the production line efficiency
    -Adjust the fire resistance level and gas & vapor barrier protection
    -Increase thermal stability of compounds,
    -Increase mechanical resistance to alternating bending tests

  • Cost savings

    Application of NanoSync products helps cable producers and molded plastic processors to:
    -Use already installed, standard mixing and extruding equipment
    -Simplify the cable design process and reduce its cost
    -Reduce the plastic material thickness and the overall cable weight

  • Design & Process Rationalisation

    The use of NanoSync's high performance HFFR compounds as a sheathing layer mitigates the need for application of inner layers like mica tapes, fire retardant bedding materials etc.
    Thanks to granted and uniform dispersion of NanoSync fire retardant filler, the standard, existing extruding equipment can be used including mixers, single screw extruders etc.
    Consequently, shorter preparation and processing times are required since the process does not require twin screw extruders nor heavy shearing equipment.

  • Flexibility & Versatility

    Our products and processing technology can be applied to various polymeric systems, including:
    -Thermoplastic & Thermoset
    -Solid & Foam
    -Halogen based & Halogen free

  • Product development

    Our international team is ready for development of customised products as each single innovation opens the gate to new worlds of inventions worth to be explored.
    Let's try to further innovate what we have in our hands right now.

  • Funding manufacturing facilities

    Patent pending technologies developed by NanoSync are the right basis for grants and subsidies supporting purchase of:
    -Innovative production lines
    -R&D equipment
    -Laboratory equipment
    We can support our customers during the process of application for grants and subsidies, facilitating the admission process of NanoSync's innovative compounds.


Our mission is to innovate with our customers. The novelty and innovation is achieved through customisation of our masterbatches, compounds and processing technologies.


We know how to improve fire and mechanical resistance of flexible electric cables for refrigerators & washing machines, how to simplify design of power cables, how to make WPC or TPU flame retardant, how to make softer HFFR compouds etc. The idea is to respond to endless market requirements and opportunities in an organised manner.


Our flagship and patent pending technology refers to uniform exfoliation of nanoclay systems in various polymer matrices. We have more to be explored with participation of our customers in various areas of polymer processing, nano additives and cable design.

Your guide in fire retardancy!

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Fire retardancy optimisation
Contact our experts to tailor a customised solution for your specific polymer matrix. Optimise the solution in regards to latest CPR regulations and pricing of the feedstock.
Innovate with us!
Let's join forces to find solution to unsolved problems of copolymer composition, processing, functionality, compliance etc. Let's address experience of our experts.
Technical consulting
Under the strict Non Disclosure Agreement we will consult your technical needs, configure production setups, optimise compounds, feedstock, vendors and processing stages, suggest equipment or suppliers.
Cable design
Our experts will help you during the cable design process including, if necessary, application of NanoSync's compounds and masterbatches.
Extrusion process optimisation
Years of experience at largest production sites allow us to offer unique and valuable support to your production department.
Innovative materials search
Our experts and business links to specialised commodity exchange will work for you in quest to find right materials for your application needs.